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ICAC, truly or apparently independent?

Can we pin our hope on the Independent Commission against Corruption? Is it a truly or an apparently independent body? Transparency and translucency have seemingly been supplanted by opacity. Any political nominee at the helm will be perceived as Janus-faced. Hence their sluggishness when accusations of corruption or conflict of interest are levelled against those in power, particular ministers.

The public is dubious about this institution’s … independence and lack of bias. The proof of the pudding being in the eating, we want action and facts. ICAC could at least officially communicate cases successfully dealt with. The villains have to be named and shamed. We have to be told where matters stand regarding high profile cases in order not to give the impression that some outlaws are being shielded.

Despite all the money and means put at their disposal, the snail-like anti-corruption officers look acidic and unproductive. Is it not high time for them to explain their sluggishness or, at least, prove us wrong with a slap in the face?

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