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Talk of the Day: International Cancer Day in Children

Talk of the Day: International Cancer Day in Children

In developped countries, cancer in children is the second cause of mortality. This international day is to raise awareness, educate and advocate on this harsh reality.

Childhood cancer is a global problem and a universal incidence which is increasing. Each year more than 200,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. The average age of children diagnosed is six. 80% of childhood cancers is diagnosed too late, when treatment is not available or does not exist.

For 2019, Childhood Cancer International and UNAPECLE* wish to do something more than just to remember those children whom we have lost and those who are currently battling this disease. They took to social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to help those who have been through this difficult time to share their story. Since early morning, the hashtags #ParleMoiDAutreChose, #UNAPECLE, #CancerPediatrique, #ICCD have been trending. A way to also raise awareness of all the improvements that remain to be considered but also to share and encourage the latest initiatives aimed at spreading awareness of the disease and changing its management.

*UNAPECLE – Union Nationale des Associations de Parents d’Enfants atteints de Cancer ou de Leucémie (UNAPECLE)



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